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2022 Hoops & Homework Marathon Team

Written by Kevin Lopez

January 23, 2022

Introducing the 2022 Hoops & Homework Boston Marathon Team!

Their efforts are sincerely appreciated by our most deserving kids who live in two of Framingham’s lowest-income neighborhoods.

Please realize that runners are very special people who endure extreme training and race conditions.  Remember what happened in 2018 – and it could happen again: 


It was so brutal out there, It was cold and raw. They just couldn’t keep warm. Even before the race started, the runners were huddled together trying to keep warm and dry.  


Dozens  of runners may have had hypothermia or were overwhelmed by the frigid rain, wind and cold; some just called it a day before they reached the finish line.

Below are links to Youtube interviews of all of our runners:

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