March 2021 Newsletter

Written by Kevin Lopez

March 1, 2021

As the district is returning to in-person learning at full capacity for elementary schools, the Pusan site will be returning to after-school hours effective April 5. (All students attending have opted into in-person) During the hybrid schedule, attendance would fluctuate drastically depending on the week. On weeks where very few kids were in attendance, we took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning— We heavily consolidated and reorganized our site inventory and documents.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with the scooters and ripstik out in the spring weather! Thank you to our generous donor and to Don for coordinating this donation!

Students returning from school in the afternoon have been attending the program around a half hour later on average than previous years. Our understanding is that there have been complications with transportation as schools maneuver around the pandemic, but the end result is that we currently have less time to fulfill our schedule for most kids. An example of this has been our Babson mentorship: Currently at Interfaith, fewer kids are present while they’re available. It’s our hope that attendance will improve with time, but in the meantime, we will work towards establishing a better-fitting schedule. We will continue to monitor attendance trends, and will continue to investigate.

Our new Program Director, Kevin Lopez, has begun working with us at his office in the Interfaith Center. He’s made the rounds introducing himself to us staff and the kids, and has already made progress in establishing needs and goals. We’re excited to work with him to improve fulfillment of the vision of the program!

-The Hoops and Homework Team

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