Hoops and Homework Names New Executive Director

Written by Kevin Lopez

January 5, 2023

The Board of Hoops and Homework, a neighborhood-based after-school program, has appointed Kevin Lopez to lead the organization as the Executive Director.

Mr. Lopez has served as the organization’s Program Director for the past 18 months. He is a native of Framingham and has worked over the last decade in local and state organizations leading programs that advance education and opportunities for children and young adults.

Mr. Lopez, as Executive Director, will oversee afterschool programs as well as the charitable organization’s Development efforts. The Executive Director will lead implementation of a strategic plan with the goal of providing a nurturing environment for all Framingham youth and increasing the opportunity for educational and social development. A key feature of the plan is to expand in-neighborhood services for community children beyond after-school and summer programs. This may include new neighborhood-based sites, evening teen programming, and pre-school centers.

Tania Calder, Chair of the H&H Board, said: “We are so fortunate to have Kevin Lopez take this leadership role for Hoops and solidify the commitment of Framingham residents through this local organization to help our own community become stronger. Kevin has been a positive force over the last 18 months expanding community partnerships and building enrichment programs for the youth in the neighborhoods we serve. He was a key leader in the development of our refreshed strategic plan, and I am confident we have the leader to expand the mission of Hoops and Homework”.

Here is a very short clip featuring Kevin with the kids.

The founder of Hoops and Homework, Herb Chasan, commented: “We started this effort ten years ago and with the help of so many individuals, local businesses and foundations as well as assistance from city and state supporters we have momentum to make a difference for youth right in their neighborhoods. I am thrilled that we have Kevin Lopez, a local-grown youth services leader, to take this grass roots effort into the next decade of growth. I am very proud of our community for helping build Hoops and Homework and enrich the lives of all of us in Framingham”.

Kevin Lopez expressed: “I am really excited by the opportunity to lead this neighborhood-based organization and deliver the kind of educational and social enrichment that can help level the playing field for youth in Framingham. I would have loved to see an organization like this when I was growing up here and so to be part of forging this community investment is really fulfilling”.

Hoops and Homework is a 501c3 charity located in two neighborhoods in Framingham. The organization runs neighborhood based after school programs, a full day summer program and is licensed by the EEC. Hoops and Homework has provided a safe and nurturing environment including educational support for hundreds of children in Framingham over the last ten years through community-based support.

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