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Hoops and Homework is the product of community organizing in response to a clear need: the lack of an affordable and accessible after-school program for children living in the lowest income section of Framingham. The program has been wildly successful with the students, their parents, and their teachers.

The program was launched in 2012 by a group, led by Framingham resident Herb Chasan, interested in making improvements to this underserved section of the city. This group persuaded Framingham Town Meeting to appropriate $81,000 to initiate the after-school homework and recreation program at two locations: Framingham Housing Authority’s site at Carlson and Pusan Rd, and the Cochituate Cooperative Homes site at Interfaith Terrace.

Hoops and Homework Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 charity in December 2014 in order to continue to provide after-school services. The funds that are donated are used to pay for staff, supplies, insurance, and snacks at the two sites. Private donations and grants have made it possible to sustain the program.

In June, 2017, the Massachusetts Office of Early Education and Care approved Hoops and Homework as a licensed childcare provider. We are the only neighborhood-based after-school program in Framingham. In November, 2017, Hoops and Homework earned eligibility for state tuition vouchers.

Hoops and Homework has been extremely well received by the community and has received recognition by city and state legislators and officials who have put a high priority on supporting our programs. Parents and teachers have reported that the program has been instrumental in helping the youth understand and complete their homework assignments in a consistent, timely manner. The children have flourished in a safe, nurturing environment where they have developed bonds with the other youth in their community and with the adults who work with them daily.


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Hoops and Homework is a safe and nurturing neighborhood-based after-school program which expands opportunities for youth in Framingham.

  • We believe that there is a need for after-school services in the neighborhoods where children live.
  • We create a positive social and learning environment where all children can succeed.
  • We develop strong social and emotional skills.
  • We put a high value on each child’s educational growth and good study habits.
  • We believe that physical activity and recreation builds strong hearts and minds.
  • We encourage children to explore, experiment, be creative, and adopt a problem-solving mentality.
  • We recognize that children’s hunger must be addressed before they can learn.
  • We instill a positive can-do attitude in our children and staff to build self-esteem and self-worth.
  • We encourage everyone in the community to participate in our mission (children, families, staff, volunteers, neighbors, schools, and community leaders), because everyone can add value.
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