2023 Hoops and Homework Boston Marathon Runner, Krystal McNeil.

Krystal McNeil Featured

Written by Kevin Lopez

February 23, 2023

Krystal McNeil has three young kids but still finds time to train for the 2023 Boston Marathon. She has run five marathons previously and three Boston Marathons.  And she ran a Tough Ruck – 26.2 mile run/walk with a 22 pound heavy backpack.  Amazing!! Her first Boston Marathon was in 2018 with the worst weather in 100 years!! She actually blanked out (forgot) some of her run. It was that bad.  Halfway thru the race, she was given a warm banana which she remembers as being the best food that she ever ate. It Warmed her cold and wet body a bit. She ran the race with a friend who actually went blind with a migraine caused by hypothermia.  So Krystal and her friend ran hand in hand. Neither one could have finished without the other.  They bonded for life.

 Why does Krystal keep running? It’s so euphoric when she crosses the finish line! One thing that she does like about the training is that she is so hungry and she can eat whatever she wants. It gets burned off quickly during those long 10 and 20 mile runs. She can’t wait till the day of the race ! thrilled to run it. Krystal feels that her running is a good model for her kids  because it shows that hard work and dedication to a cause pays off.


Please help her and support her in her efforts. Click the link below.  And thank you!!

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Please wish her good luck with her run. Here she is talking about why she does it.


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