2023 Hoops and Homework Boston Marathon Runner, Keith Moser.

Keith at the boston marathon

Written by Kevin Lopez

February 28, 2023

Keith Moser has a family and a full time job and he still has time to train for the Boston Marathon. He just completed a 17.5-mile training run in the 12-degree winter cold. It was definitely a change from the weather of the past few weeks, and he even had icicles hanging off the sides of his cap (see photo). We are now less than 50 days from race day and he is so close to raising $10,000 for his charity, Hoops and Homework.


Here is Keith Moser!

Keith Moser Training

Keith has done the Tough Ruck which is a 26.2-mile ruck march in honor and in memory of our fallen service members, police, firefighters and EMTs, while raising funds to support military families in times of need. A ruck march is a fast-paced walk across variable terrain while carrying a ruck sack, or ruck, containing up to 35 pounds. It is tradition for members of the ruck march to carry ribbons with names of service members, police, fire fighters and EMTs that have died written on them. This challenging 26.2-mile course is an inspiring and humbling experience for the participants.


Please help him and support him in his efforts. Click the link below.  And thank you!!

Click here to support Keith!

Please listen below to Keith explain why he runs and especially why he runs for Hoops and Homework. Just click on the play button.


Here are our sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without them. They are the true champions of Hoops and Homework!

Hoops Sponsors 

Hoops Sponsors

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