2023 Hoops and Homework Boston Marathon Runner, Chris Kelley.

Chris Kelley running featured image

Written by Kevin Lopez

March 16, 2023

Chris Kelley has tried for four years to get chosen to run the Boston Marathon.  He was thrilled this year to be finally picked. He says :  I ran the Boston Marathon in 2010 and 2011 as an unregistered runner before Team Framingham existed.I am finding that training at age 57 is a lot harder than it was when I was 44 or 45.

The training is: 3 weekdays per week I go for 5-7 mile runs, 2 weekdays per week I cross train with bicycle, elliptical and stair master.  Brutal training !! I do 1 long run on the weekend, steadily increases each week until I reach 20 miles. I am too heavy for a runner and I have had foot and knee problems in the past. I am trying to manage knee tendonitis right now, but I need to increase my mileage so it’s a balancing act. Usually I run on trails or the treadmill because roads are too hard on my legs. I enjoy running in Callahan State Park and Macomber Woods with my dog Ender. He’s a black lab mix.


Here is Chris Kelley running!

Chris Kelley running in the Boston Marathon

Chris is raising funds for Hoops & Homework because it brings its after school program directly to the neighborhoods that need it the most. Instead of sitting alone in an empty apartment, or hanging around on the corner, kids can go to a safe place, get help with their homework, or just hang out with friends.

 They even offer meals and have summertime programs. It’s a fantastic program!


Please help him and support him in his efforts. Click the link below.  And thank you!!

Click here to support Chris!

Please listen below to Chris explain why he runs and especially why he runs for Hoops and Homework. Just click on the play button.


Here are our sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without them. They are the true champions of Hoops and Homework!

Hoops Sponsors 

Hoops Sponsors

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