2023 Hoops and Homework Boston Marathon Runner, Bob Connolly.

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Written by Hoops & Homework

February 15, 2023

Bob Connolly has run 26 Boston Marathons. He started at 40years old and now he is 72. What a dedicated guy!! How long can he continue to do this?  Why does he do this? Because it feels so good when he finishes the run. Please wish him good luck with his run.


Hoops and Homework is so thrilled that Bob chose us as his charity and to raise $8,000 to benefit our kids.

Click here to support Bob!

Please listen below to Bob explain why he runs and especially why he runs for Hoops and Homework. Just click on the play button.


Here are our sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without them. They are the true champions of Hoops and Homework!

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Hoops Sponsors

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